Viewing a List of Flagged Items

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There several ways to access flagged items in axe Auditor:

  • At the top, right of the Checkpoint Tests for Page: <Page Name> screen, (or the Checkpoint Tests for Component: <Component Name> screen) click the # items flagged link.

  • Within an individual Checkpoint row in the Review Checkpoints section of the Checkpoint Tests for Page: <Page Name> screen, click the underlined # link in the Flags column.

    items flagged link

With either method, the "Flags for" screen appears, displaying the time/date of the flag, along with the reason it has been flagged. The only difference is that the "Flags for" screen has a filter applied to either display items flagged for all checkpoints, or for an individual checkpoint.

Note: Keep in mind the totals counts in the Review Checkpoints section include those flagged for the currently-accessed component or page, not all of them in the entire test run.

The Flags column links in the Your Test Runs table on the Test Run screen are another way to access the 'Flags for' screen for a Test Run, but also the Test Runs with Flags section table will appear below it anyway, in which a View flags action button exists to accomplish the same thing.

Note: The difference between these two methods is that the Test Runs with Flags section is for the entire organization, whether assigned to you or not, whereas the Your Test Runs section are assigned to you.

Issues and Checkpoints Tab Panels

The Flags screen will always have at least one panel of information (Checkpoints) because every flag is associated with an individual Deque Way checkpoint. When there are also Issue(s) associated with checkpoints that have flags added, information pertaining to them will appear in an issues tab panel that is initially displayed by default upon accessing the Flags screen. The Checkpoints panel can then be accessed by clicking its tab, and from its table, individual checkpoint link(s) will take you to their respective screens.

When a flag has been added against a checkpoint that also has an issue added to it, those issues associated with the flagged items (for each respective checkpoint) will appear on the Issues panel. The Actions column allows you to click a View Issue button within each row to view the details of each individual issue screen as desired.

example of the Issues panel of the Flags screen