Accessing Issues Logged

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When you want to view a listing of issues that have been logged as a result of either automated or manual testing for a page, you can click '#issues logged' links from the Testing Status section of the Checkpoint Tests for Page: <Page Name> screen. The same is true for the Checkpoint Tests for Component: <Component Name> screen.

Note: These links take you to screens that list the issues for the page or component under test, or the page you have currently accessed the checkpoint tests for (not the entire test run).

To access a listing of issues logged for the component or page:

  • In the Testing Status section, click the # issues logged link in either the Automated testing, IGT testing, or Manual testing field, as desired.

    accessing issues logged for test run

    The 'Issues for : Test run in progress' screen appears, showing either automated, manual, or all depending on method selected. Activate the arrow that appears within each issue row in the Actions column to view details of each issue.

    issues for test run automated example

For more information about logged issues, see the Issues topic.