Component Details Section

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The Component Details section displays the selector that was specified for the common component as entered in the test case or run. This allows you to quickly view the patterns and path used to select the elements that comprise the common component. Additionally, you can click a button to highlight the selector in the connected test browser presuming a page in which the common component exists is currently displayed in the test browser.

As noted in the on-screen help text, checkpoint tests for the common component only apply to the content and code within the listed selector.

the location of the Component Details section is highlighted on the
Checkpoint Tests for Component

Note - Common Components section vs. Component Details section: The difference is that a Component Details section appears on the Checkpoint Tests for Component: <Component Name> "hub" screen in the same area as the Common Components section would on the Checkpoint Tests for Page: <Page Name> "hub" screen, since the component itself is what is being tested.