Continuing Testing

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The Continue Testing button at the top, right of the Checkpoint Tests for Page:<Page Name> screen or the the Checkpoint Tests for Component:<Component Name> screen allows you to resume manual testing by taking you to an individual checkpoint test screen, where you can: view specific checkpoint testing methodology, techniques, examples and best practices; add issues and flags, mark test results; and navigate to other checkpoint screens. Pages under test in which the status is 'in progress' may include varying levels of completion in either automated or manual testing, but the appearance of the Continue Testing button signifies that at least one type of testing has already been started for the currently-accessed page.

To continue testing:

  1. On the Checkpoint Tests for Page:<Page Name> screen, to the right of the checkpoint completion progress bar, click the Continue Testing button.

    continue testing button

    The next, incomplete individual checkpoint screen appears. Sequentially, this is after the last one in which a Pass, Fail or N/A result was recorded. For example, when Active Images (1.1.1.a) was previously marked Pass, the Informative Images (1.1.1.b) checkpoint screen will be displayed, allowing you to "pick up where you left off" so to speak, although you may use the checkpoint navigation tools to complete testing in any order that makes sense to you. continue testing checkpoint screen

  2. Proceed with using the Deque checkpoint information to continue your manual testing, adding issues, flagging for review, and marking results as necessary.