Creating a New Folder

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Folders are simply a way to organize your test cases. By default, Test Cases are included in the 'All' and 'My Test Cases' filters which appear at the top of the left sidebar folders menu on the Test Cases screen when you do not specify a folder when creating a new test case. Likely your project leaders will establish a folder naming convention with categories that make sense for your needs. Folders can be renamed at any time.

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Using the button on the Test Cases screen

Follow this procedure any time you want to create a new folder, for the purpose of placing either a future or existing test case in it.

To create a new folder:

  1. From the bottom, left sidebar menu on the Test Cases screen, click the Create new folder button.

    Create Folder Button

  2. On the New Folder popup window, enter a name for the new folder in the Name field.

  3. Click the Save button.

    Save Button

    A message appears briefly at the top, right of the Test Cases screen to indicate successful creation, and the folder you created appears in the left sidebar menu.

    Create Folder Button

    After selecting your folder name from the left sidebar menu, click the Edit folder button to change the name of the folder, or delete the folder. For more information, see Editing a Folder.

    Saved Successfully

    Create new while moving: New folders can also be created "on the fly" while moving a test case. Instead of selecting an existing folder on the Move Test Case dialog box (initiated via the Move button on the Test Cases screen), you can click a Create new folder link to name, describe, then select as a new folder to move an existing test case to. For more information, see Moving a Test Case.

You can also create a new folder when it occurs to you after already initiating the process of creating a new test case when an appropriately-named folder does not yet exist.

To create a new folder "on the fly" while creating a new test case:

  1. On the Test Cases screen, click the New test case button.

    New Test Case

  2. On the Details panel, under the Folder drop-down menu, click the create new folder link. Create New Folder

  3. On the New Folder dialog box, enter a Name for the new folder in the corresponding text field, then click the Save button.

    Save Button

    The name of the new folder appears within the Folder drop-down menu field.

    Save Button

    Proceed with creating a new test case. For complete information, see [Adding Test Case