Creating a Test Run for a Test Case

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A test case becomes a test run by being assigned to a user. This is initiated by clicking the Create test run button in the Actions column of the Test Cases screen. Perform this procedure after you have set up a Test Case and want to run it (set up a Test Run). Setting up a test run also involves the optional specification of additional fields of information such as Release, Environment, Platform, Assistive technology, and the limiting of checkpoint tests to only those with a critical or serious impact.

To create a test run for a test case:

  1. On the Test Cases screen, within the appropriate folder and test case row, click the Create test run button in the Actions column. Create Test Run button

  2. On the Set up Test Run for Test Case screen, enter the name to be assigned to the Test Run in the Test Run Name field.

  3. Enter the Test Run Description. This is optional.

  4. If you have entered the Product while creating your test case, the Product field is auto-populated. This is not an editable field.

  5. Enter the type of digital asset platform, like desktop, mobile, etc in the Digitial Asset Type field.

  6. Populate the remaining fields to specify the Release, Environment, Platform, and Assistive technology. Click the blue i (information) icons to display field help for each as necessary to ensure you understand the appropriate input.

  7. In the Assign testing to field, click the down arrow to choose a user from the list, or click the assign to me link as appropriate.

    Assignment Note: When you assign the test case to yourself, it will show up in the Your Test Runs table on the Home screen. Otherwise, some organizations will have a QA or Engagement Manager take responsibility for creating test cases and assigning them to specific individuals who will then start testing the test runs from their Home screens.

  8. Click the Create Test Run button to complete the setup of the test run.

  9. On the Test Run Overview screen, to the right of the page you want to test, click the Start Testing button. Start Testing button

Summary: This procedure covered how to initiate the creation of a test run from the Test Case screen, complete it on the Set Up Test Run for Test Case screen, then click a Start Testing button twice to show you how to actually start the test run. The complex functionality of test runs is covered in detail in the Test Runs section.

For complete information, see Start Testing a Test Run.