Detect Common Components

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When you want to identify previously-specified common components so that they are omitted from being tested repeatedly, follow this procedure.

Detecting common components is done by clicking a button within the Common Components section of the Checkpoint Tests for Page:<Page Name> "hub" screen when you want to detect them in the connected test browser.

Note - Common Components section vs. Component Details section: The difference is that a Component Details section appears on the Checkpoint Tests for Component: <Component Name> "hub" screen in the same area as the Common Components section would on the Checkpoint Tests for Page: <Page Name> "hub" screen, since the component itself is what is being tested.

To detect common components:

  1. In the Common Components section, click the Detect Components button.
  2. On the Detect Components dialog box, click the Send URL button.
  3. Click the Detect button.

Detecting Again

When one or more component(s) were specified when setting up the test case (or when subsequently added to a test run), but were not detected on the current page, you are notified of this and presented with a button to detect the components again.

Clicking the Detect Component Again button in the Common Components section

Follow the remaining steps in the procedure above on this page to Send URL, Detect, etc. Typically, they are not found due to the page under test changing since the test case was originally set up.

For detailed information about common components and how they become a part of a test case and run, see the Adding Common Components subtopic within the Creating a New Test Case topic.