Editing a Flag

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Perform this procedure whenever you want to change the reason text for an existing flag. Presumably, when you have determined there is a need to change the textual commentary (reason) noted within the flag for a particular checkpoint, you can click a button in its section at the top of the checkpoint test screen and modify the existing text, then save your changes.

Note: Before you begin, you must first make sure you are on the checkpoint test screen on which a previously-created flag is displayed. For more information, see Individual Checkpoint Test Screens.

To edit a flag:

  1. On the individual checkpoint test screen on which the flag appears, click the Edit button in the Flag section at the top of the screen.
  2. On the 'Edit Flag for...' dialog box, edit the Flag reason field as desired, then click the Save button (or Cancel if unsure).

Note: The 'created on' date and time does not get updated as a result of editing a flag.