Filtering Checkpoint Tests

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Follow this procedure when you only want to view checkpoint tests that are Incomplete or only those that apply to Accessibility Issues in the left Checkpoint Tests menu. The left sidebar region of each individual Checkpoint Test screen provides you with the ability to filter the display of checkpoints that appear in the left Checkpoint Test menu using a standard drop-down list menu with filter button.

Note: All checkpoints* are initially displayed by default.

To filter the left Checkpoint Tests menu:

  1. Under the Checkpoint Tests heading at the top of the left sidebar menu, click the down arrow to the left of the Filter button.
  2. In the filter options list that is expanded downward, click on a filter item to select it and populate the drop-down menu label with your selection (for example, 'Accessibility issues').
  3. Click the Filter button.
  4. Click the down arrow within a category to display its contents, as desired.
  5. Click a subcategory checkpoint link to navigate to that individual checkpoint test as desired.