Flagging for Review

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Flagging for review is done when you want to have another expert, developer, or project team member review an individual checkpoint test for a particular reason. For example, when you question whether or not the checkpoint should be assigned an N/A (Not Applicable) result for the page under test, you would note the reason in the flag.
Note: Issues themselves, rather than Checkpoints, can also be flagged for review in the Add Issue or Edit Issue dialog box. For more information, see Adding an Issue.

Reason is optional: A flag simply records your user name and a date and time of the flag with the checkpoint item. Optionally, you may enter a reason for flagging the checkpoint test.

To flag a checkpoint for review:

  1. On an individual checkpoint screen, under the header area, click the Flag for Review button.
  2. On the 'Create Flag for...' popup window (dialog box), enter a reason this checkpoint test is flagged in the Flag reason text box field if desired (the reason is optional), then click the Save button.