Importing Automated and IGT issues

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Axe Auditor users can import issues (exported as a JSON file using axe devTools Pro extension) at the test unit level, enabling them to import automated and IGT issues in one operation.

Note - multiple runs of IGT in axe DevTools imports: If you are using the multi-run feature in axe DevTools extension (Pro feature) and using the export to be imported into axe Auditor Test Run, it can be imported into axe Auditor with the issues imported being the total of all issues across multiple runs (after removing the duplicates).

The two different types of issues (other than manual issues) that a test unit can include are:

  • Automated issues - from within Auditor, or from a JSON file uploaded by the user.
  • IGT Issues - All the issues axe devTools Pro extension can find while running IGT tests from a JSON file uploaded by the user are marked as IGT issues.

On the Test Unit Overview page, use the section called IGT Testing to import IGT issues. This section contains:

  • The status of the IGT testing,
  • The number of issues logged, and
  • An Import Issues button that allows the user to upload a JSON file in a pre-defined format provided by Deque Systems.

Clicking the Import Issues button brings up the Upload confirmation dialog box, where you can import IGT issues using a JSOn file. To generate the JSON file, use the JSON option in the axe DevTools extension (Export → Saved Test and Issues → JSON option).

Importing IGT issues

Note: While importing IGT issues, you can choose to keep the existing issues or replace them with automated issues in the file, if the test unit already contains automated issues.