Using the Learning Links Section

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This screen features the static Learn About Accessibility section that displays the following handy reference links in the right sidebar pane:

learning links

  • Deque University: Takes you to the Home page, from which you can take advantage of online, self-paced training and examples.
  • WCAG Guidelines: Takes you to the Deque Way WCAG interpretation information, which displays Deque's checkpoints by WCAG success criteria.
  • ACAA Guidelines: Takes you to the Deque Way Air Carrier Access Act guidelines interpretation page.
  • Product Documentation: Takes you to the comprehensive User Guide (this document!) in website (which may also be accessed via the online help question mark (?) button at the top, right of the header area at any time). The User Guide is context-sensitive.

Take Advantage!  As with all Deque products, the expert accessibility knowledge base is built in to allow you to learn as you use. These are constantly present on the Home page for your convenience to enable you to learn more about accessibility standards, guidelines, and the best way to evaluate your web or mobile application or site as you work with axe Auditor.