Working with Online Reports

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With access to the online reports, you can easily access the summary information for all assessments completed for you, and associated with your profile within axe Auditor. The pre-requisites include:

The TestCase must have at least one Test Run in the 'Complete' state.

System Administrator must explicitly provide reporting access for the user to the TestCase

List of Available Reports

After logging into axe Auditor, you will be able to see the list of Test Cases that you have access to. By Default, this list is sorted by 'Date Created'. You can sort it based on your preferred column. Various columns on this screen are:

Axe Auditor Test Cases screen showing one Test

  • Name: The name provided at the time of creation of the Test Case
  • Description: Description provided at the time of Test Case creation
  • Standard: Selected standard for the TestCase at the time of Test Case creation
  • Test Runs: Button that shows the number of Test Runs that are in 'Complete' state for this Test Case. On activation of this button, you can see the details of various Test Runs completed.

    Axe Auditor Test Run list showing list of available Test
  • Scope: Button that triggers a modal window to provide the list of Pages and Components tested as part of this Test Case.

    Modal Window in Axe Auditor showing the list of Components and
Pages tested as part of a Test
  • Date Created: The date on which the Test Case was created