Using the Test Runs Page

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The Test Runs page provides

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Column Descriptions

Refer to the following descriptions to interpret each column of information displayed on the Test Runs Page:

  • Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology that was used to perform this assessment.
  • Environment: The environment in which the assessment was conducted. Some examples include Development, Staging, QA, etc.
  • Platform: Provides the combination of OS/Environment/browser combination used for the assessment. Some examples include:
    • Windows 10/Firefox 54
    • Windows 10/Chrome 59
    • Windows 10/IE 11
    • Mac/Safari
    • Native App/iOS/iPhone or iPad
    • Native App/Android or tablet
    • Responsive/iOS/iPhone or iPad
    • Responsive/Android/phone or tablet
    • etc.
  • Audit Type: Identies whether the Test Run is an:
    • Initial Assessment
    • Validation
    • Retest/New Assessment (Not a validation, but rather a new full assessment of the scope in Test Case)
  • Status: Will show the status of the Test Run.
  • Test Units: Shows the number of pages/components that have been tested as part of this Test Run.
  • Actions: Buttons for the following actions:
    • View Dashboard: Navigates you to the Dashboard page of the assessment report.
    • View Issues: Navigates you to the list of all issues reported as part of this Test Run