Preparing a Component (or Page) for Manual Testing

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To prepare a component (or page) for manual testing :

  1. On the Test Run Overview screen, within the section of the component you want to test on the Components (or Pages) tab panel, click the Start Testing button at right.

    Start Automated Testing

    The Prepare Component for Automated and Manual Testing screen appears, prompting you to complete two task steps: the first to send the URL to the testing browser and the second to follow page access instructions. It is not necessary for you to perform these first two steps at this juncture if you do not want to. A message appearing at the top of the dialog box reads, 'Automated testing has been skipped. Automated tests can be run later from the component test hub.'

  2. To skip automated testing, activate the Skip Automated Testing link.

    Skipping Automated Testing

    Note - CSS Selector Process:: When the Page area option was selected in the Scope field of the Add Page dialog box when the new Test Case was added, this means that a page area Type may have also been specified (either Module, Screen, Widget, Section, or Element), and that only the individual component or content within the page is intended to be tested for accessibility instead of the whole page (common components). This requires selection of the specific page area when you begin testing. For more information about selecting the page area, see CSS Selector Process.

  3. On the Prepare Component (or Page) for Manual Testing screen, click the Start Testing button.

    Manual Testing

    The Checkpoint Tests for Component: (or Page: ) screen appears, on which you can either begin adding issues with the Add Issue button, or click a Continue Testing button to navigate directly to the first individual Checkpoint test screen. You can also mark the tests as complete.

    Checkpoint Tests for Manual Testing

    For more information about the action options and information displayed on the Checkpoint Tests for Component: screen, see Checkpoint Tests for Component: or Page: . For information about how to begin adding issues uncovered from manual testing, see Adding an Issue (Checkpoint-Specific).