What's New for Release 2.8

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What's New in 2.8? {#whatsnewin2.8}

What's New

  • Axe Auditor has added support for the Deque Single Sign-On (SSO) process. This will allow users to use the same set of credentials across all Deque products that support Deque SSO.
  • Performance enhancements have been made to the following pages:
    • Home (Dashboard)
    • Test Runs List page
    • Test Run Overview page
    • View Issues page
    • Issues page (when filtering by issues)

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • axe-core has been upgraded to 4.3.5.
  • deque-way version has been upgraded to 3.2.7.
  • Node.js version from 12.13.0 to 16.13.0 (LTS).
  • Massive.js has been upgraded to 6.10.2.

Bug Fixes

  • A comment added in the comments text box for the first time was not being added. The user had to add the comment two times before it was added.
  • On the View Issues page, updating the screenshot name in one issue, and then uploading a screenshot from the local drive still showed the updated name. The screenshot name should be displayed as the one uploaded from the local drive.
  • When editing the issue (resolving flags) in the View Issues page, the flag count was not getting updated.
  • While performing a search action with the search text being empty in the Group Issue page, an empty page was returned with no error message displayed.

Migration to SSO

With the addition of support to axe Auditor for the Deque Single Sign-On (SSO) process, axe Auditor will not allow non-email usernames, and the usernames will now be required to be emails.

This process also includes a change in passwords. Customers will receive emails with their usernames (email IDs) and passwords that they will need to reset. This is a one time activity that must be performed due to the migration to the central auth server.

If you have any issues logging into axe Auditor, please send an email to helpdesk@deque.com, Ensure that you Include information about the environment you are working on, the old email address (if applicable) or the old username.

Known Issues

  • On the View Issues page, while editing an issue, flagging the issue copies the flag details and issues details to the next issue.
    Workaround: in order to make sure that issue details are not getting duplicated, user can wait till information is getting updated.
  • On the Test Runs page, while using Chrome Browser with NVDA, the filters, Completion Status and Product are intermittently not accessible.
  • The Issues link under the Guided Tool Testing section (in the Checkpoints Page) is currently not working.
    Workaround: In order to access Guided Tool issues, navigate to the Issues list from the manual testing section.
  • Screenshot name is maintained for a screenshot with a user provided name even after the screenshot is deleted by the user. This has an impact only if the user tries to upload the same screenshot to the same issue again. In this situation, the screenshot is uploaded, but automatically is assigned the name that the user had provided to the earlier upload.
  • Activating the Search by Id option in the Groups tab on the Issues Page throws a 504 gateway error. This is an intermittent issue.
  • Intermittently, screenshots are getting duplicated while trying to add them from the View Issues page.
  • You may see an error message asking you to download the Firefox extension when you already have the latest version, 2.2.4 in your extension manager. A future release will ensure there's only one extension when you download the latest.
    Workaround: Verify you have 2 axe Auditor extensions and remove the oldest one.
  • The Prepare Page/Component for automated and manual testing page has some UI display (page area) issues.
  • Activating the Highlight button on the automation testing page of a test run throws the error.socket.plugin at times. This is an Intermittent issue for the footer.

Supported Browsers

Axe Auditor supports the following browsers, the current version and previous two versions.

axe Auditor Application (Control Browser)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Mac Safari (Supported on Mac machines)
axe Auditor Assure Device Extensions (Test Browser)
  • Chrome (recommended test browser)
  • Firefox