What's New for Release 2.9

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  • Axe Auditor now allows importing of common components and pages using a CSV file while creating a test case. This saves users from creating each of the components and pages manually. importcommoncomponentspages
  • Axe Auditor supports context sensitive help. Activating the Help icon launches help topic associated with the content
  • You can now use the issue summary as the issue description. The Add New Issue dialog box has a new checkbox, 'Use Description as Summary'. This is checked by default. addimage1
  • Filters on the Test Runs page have been enhanced to address the wait times encountered during selection of various filters. The filters now load options dynamically as you are scrolling through the filter content. filternew
  • Trying to delete a component or page while creating or editing a Test Case asks the user to confirm the activity before deleting it. deletenew

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • axe-core has been upgraded to 4.4.1.
  • deque-way version has been upgraded to 3.3.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Searching for issues within a test run when the test run did not have any issues, did not display the relevant message "There are no issues that match these filters".
  • When a user (other than the creator) edited a flag for an issue, the flag was incorrectly being updated as a flag created by the new user. This has been fixed, and the user name does not get updated with the new user.
  • The images were getting displayed with delay but the caption was getting updated in the View Screenshot dialog box.
  • The View Flagged Issues page had pagination issues, and the issues list disappeared when the number of issues were more than 20.
  • On the View Issues page, while editing an issue, flagging the issue copied the flag details and issues details to the next issue.
  • Screenshot name was maintained for a screenshot with a user provided name even after the screenshot was deleted by the user. This had an impact only when the user tried to upload the same screenshot to the same issue again. In this situation, the screenshot was uploaded, and automatically assigned the same name that the user had provided during the earlier upload.
  • Intermittently, screenshots were being duplicated while trying to add them from the View Issues page.
  • On the Test Runs page, while using Chrome Browser with NVDA, the filters, Completion Status and Product were intermittently not accessible.

Known Issues

  • The Issues link under the Guided Tool Testing section (in the Checkpoints Page) is currently not working.
    Workaround: In order to access Guided Tool issues, navigate to the Issues list from the manual testing section.
  • If the selector is behind the iframe on the page for automated testing, axe Auditor extension unable to find the selector and testing continues for an indefinite time.
  • Activating the Search by ID option in the Groups tab on the Issues Page intermittently throws a 504 gateway error.
  • For a completed Test Run, the manual testing status is intermittently displayed as 'In Progress' incorrectly (instead of 'Complete') on a few of the test units.
    Workaround: Marking all of them as 'Complete' again will solve the issue.
  • You may see an error message asking you to download the Firefox extension when you already have the latest version, 2.2.4 in your extension manager. A future release will ensure there's only one extension when you download the latest.
    Workaround: Verify you have 2 axe Auditor extensions and remove the older one.
  • Activating the Highlight button on the automation testing page of a test run throws the error.socket.plugin at times. This is an Intermittent issue for the footer.

Supported Browsers

Axe Auditor supports the following browsers, the current version and previous two versions.

axe Auditor Application (Control Browser)

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Mac Safari (Supported on Mac machines)

axe Auditor Assure Device Extensions (Test Browser)

  • Chrome (recommended test browser)
  • Firefox