Report Accessibility

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Great care has been taken to ensure that this Executive Report is accessible to users of assistive technology, including compatibility with the JAWS and NVDA screen readers.

Known issues at this time include:

JAWS does not read the currently selected option in the drop down menus in Excel documents.

NVDA and JAWS do not automatically read row and column headers for individual report regions or tables. Support for configuring JAWS and NVDA to read row and column headers is available on the following webpages:

General Navigation

As a general rule, the first cell and row of each worksheet include a Title for the page. Screen reader users apply column heading announcements via their own screen reading software. To navigate by keyboard within a defined cell dropdown list use the Excel keyboard shortcut ALT + Up or Down Arrow keys. The Excel keyboard shortcut to show or hide comments while in a cell is ALT + R, H.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom keyboard shortcuts are provided for many general worksheet functions.

  • Delete Current Row: CONTROL + SHIFT + d (Deletes the entire row in the selected cell of a data table)
  • Import Issues from axe Auditor Export: CONTROL + SHIFT + z (Imports Issues from a WorldSpace Export file)
  • Insert New Row: CONTROL + SHIFT + i (Inserts a row below the selected cell in the data table)