Resolving a Flag

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Perform this procedure whenever you want to remove a flag and any associated comments (reasons) from the checkpoint on which it was originally created. Presumably, when you have determined there is no longer a reason for the flag to exist, you can make its section at the top of the checkpoint test screen disappear and also have the related counts (group and entire page/component) be reduced by one.

Before you begin, you must first make sure you are on the checkpoint test screen on which a previously-created flag is displayed. For more information, see Individual Checkpoint Test Screens.

To resolve a flag:

  1. On the individual checkpoint test screen on which the flag appears, click the Resolve button in the Flag section at the top of the screen.
  2. On the confirmation prompt popup box, click the Resolve button (again, or Cancel if unsure).

Additionally, the '# items flagged' counts are reduced by one on the top of the Checkpoint Tests for screen, and in Flags column of the Review Checkpoints section table. For related information, see Viewing a List of Flagged Items