Response Messaging

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As you interact with axe Auditor, you are notified of system responses to actions you take in some common areas of the various screens. These may include alerts, filter results, completion and status updates, success confirmations, errors, and cautionary messages.

Positioning: While some messages must appear in the center of the screen (for example, when appearing within a modal dialog box that is centered on the screen), some will appear at the top, middle (just under the header area), while others will be displayed at the top, right corner of the screen (as shown in the example below).

An example of a system response message appearing at the top, right corner of the axe Auditor user interface after a button was clicked by the

Note: It is important that you understand expected response messages do notalways appear in the same region or area of the screen, depending on what type of action you take and on which screen or even screen section. As you become familiar with using axe Auditor, however, you will get used to the different types of messages and their consistent display locations within the user interface.