Resume Testing an In Progress Component or Page

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Follow these task steps when you want to continue testing a particular individual component or page that is a part of a test run in which testing is In Progress but not yet complete.

Prerequisite Task: Before you begin, you must first arrive at the Test Run Overview screen by initiating a Resume action from either the Test Runs screen or the Your Test Runs section of the Home screen for a test run with an In Progress status. This procedure is preceded by Resuming a Test Run.

To resume testing a component or page:

  1. On the Test Run Overview screen, within the desired component or page section on the respective Components or Pages panel, activate the Resume button.
  2. On the 'Checkpoint Tests for <Component name>' screen, activate the Continue Testing button at the top, right.
  3. Proceed with following the manual testing advice, adding issues, flagging for review, and/or assigning results as desired.