Reviewing your Profile

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The process for logging in to axe Auditor employs a dialog box with standard Username and Password text entry fields with a SIGN IN button. An email address is required and serves as the username.

This process also includes a change in passwords. Users will receive emails with their usernames (email IDs) and passwords that they will need to reset. This is a one time activity that must be performed due to the migration to the central auth server. For complete details about

Deque's support for SSO and the Authentication Server, see Authenticator.

If you are unable to see the user's dashboard screen after changing the password, this maybe because your account already exists. You have to in such a case, review your profile, and add to your existing account. This process is a one-time process.

To review your profile and add to your existing account:

In the Account Already Exists screen that comes up, activate the Review Profile button.

review profile

Update your email address, first name, and last name. Activate the Submit button.

update profile

The Link Google screen appears specifying that an email with a verification code has been sent to you.

link google

Check your email, and activate the link to confirm account link to link your axe acoount with Google account.

link google email

You are now redirected to the Account Already exists screen once more. Activate the Add to Existing Account button.

account already exists

The axe Auditor application launches and opens the user's dashboard screen:

Example of the user's dashboard screen in axe Auditor