Reviewing a Test Run

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Reviewing a Test Run is done by clicking the Review button from the Actions column on the Test Runs screen. Essentially, clicking this button takes you to the Test Run Overview screen on which you can then review and access all available details associated with a test run.

Note: The Review button only appears in the Actions column for a test run row that has a status of 'Complete' and finished date/time information displayed in the Status column of the Test Runs screen.

To review a test run:

  1. On the Test Runs screen, activate the Review button in the Action column within the row of the completed test run you want to review.

    Review Test Run button

    The Test Run Overview screen appears, on which you can view checkpoint completion and Pass/Fail/NA statistics; and access issues logged, items flagged for either the entire test run, or an individual page.

    Note: A Test Run can be considered 'Complete' when all issues have been marked complete for Manual testing, even when Automated testing has been skipped.

  2. To review result details for an individual component or page, click either the Components or Pages tab accordingly, then click the Review button within the desired component or page section.

    review test run components

For more information about reviewing and interpreting details about a completed test run displayed on the Test Run Overview screen, see Test Run Overview.