Setting and Applying Filters

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The Test Runs page allows you to filter which test run records are displayed in the table area. At the top of the page is a Filters section, which is made up of 5 different drop-down checkbox list option menus, each of which allow you to select one or more criteria options to refine the results display (Test Case, Test Run, Assigned User, Completion Status, and Product). Collectively, these represent key information about each test run that you can use to narrow down the row records you want to view on the Test Runs screen.

For each filter criteria menu, when the dropdown arrow is activated, a list of available options appears below the field, each of which can be selected via checkbox. The selected filter appears within the filter menu label after selection. These allow you to refine the runs displayed in the table based on the criteria selected, so you can narrow down the list of test runs you immediately care about viewing and/or taking action on.

Shows filter section selections and how they refine the results displayed in the table below

Initial Filter State Note: By default, 'all' options are selected for all four filters, meaning all criteria option checkboxes for each filter are initially selected (although not visibly checked), so when first accessed, the Test Runs screen displays all available table row records meeting all filter criterium until filters are selected and made active to refine the display accordingly.

To apply a filter:

  1. To the right of the desired filter, activate the dropdown menu (for example, Completion Status) to display options.

  2. Select one or more options for the information you want to be included in the filtered results display (for example, 'In Progress'). Activate within a checked box to clear a previously-selected option.

    Multiple Criteria Option Selection Label & Clear All Link: When a single checkbox is selected from the list, the menu option you selected appears within the field (for example, ‘in progress’) when collapsed. However, when multiple items have been selected, the closed drop-down menu will display a bracketed number (for example, { 2 selected } ) within the box to indicate how many are selected within that column.

  3. If desired, activate the (X) at the right of a filter tag to remove an individual filter, or click the Clear all link to remove all the applied filters at once.

    The table is refreshed to display only those test runs matching the criteria you specified. Depending on the number of records, you may notice a spinner icon briefly display as the table is refreshed to display only those test case rows that fit the criteria you specified in the filter menu lists.