Start Testing a Component or Page

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When you have already set up a test run, and now would like to begin to test one of its components or pages for accessibility, you can initiate it by activating a Start Testing button from within the desired component or page panel section on the Test Run Overview screen.

To start testing a component or page:

  1. On the Test Overview screen, within either an individual Component or Page section on the Components or Pages tab panel, activate the Start Testing button.
  2. Ensure the test browser is connected and verify the details are correct on the Connect Browser for Automated Testing screen, then activate the Next button.
  3. Navigate to the URL (either manually or by using the Send URL button) in the test browser.
  4. Follow any access-related instructions if present as necessary.
  5. Verify selected elements are as desired, and if not, check or clear to deselect as necessary.
  6. Activate the Skip Automated Testing link if you want to skip automated testing.
  7. Activate the Start Testing button.