Understanding the Test Run Overview Page

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The Test Run Overview screen is a dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot of the current state of your test run. There are 8 tiles that provide information and summary level statistics on your test run. You can stay high level in your analysis or you can drill down into the issue details to take action and create your remediation strategies. This 8 tile view is created for each test unit.

Screen shot example portion of the Dashboard screen

example of a Test Run Overview screen with the tooltips for charts

Test Run Cards

Start/Stop and Assignments

This card has the start date and time of the test run. The statuses are Not Started, In Progress or Completed. And the card lists the name of the person the test run is assigned to. The start and complete time could be used to track your team's throughput and help with planning. Or it could point you to investigate further if the time elapsed is too long or too short and discover if there is a training opportunity.


The pages card gives you an indication of the size of the test run and lists the number of pages in the scope and their status.


Similar to the pages card, the components card lists all of the components in the scope of the test run and their status.

Test Unit Screenshots

These screenshots give you a view of what was tested without having to open up and review every test unit. This card has thumbnail images of 5 of test unit screenshots and a number designating the number of additional screenshots. Selecting one of the thumbnails or the number to the right of the thumbnail images renders a carousel with all of the test unit screenshot images.

example of screenshots attached to the Test Run with a carousel of all
images, and expanded view of the selected

Issues Logged

This card has a hyperlink to a filtered list of all of the automated and manual issues logged

Flagged Items

This card has a hyperlink to a filtered list of all of the flagged items. The test unit, the relevant checkpoint, the date, who flagged it and the reason.

list view of flagged

Test Run Completion

This card has the test case name, the standard you chose to test against, the digital asset type you chose and the total number of test units. There is also a visual indicator of progress so you know at a glance how much testing you've completed and what's left to test.