Creating and Using Testing Scenarios

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Test Cases represent the testing scenario, steps, and product information required for a specific evaluation. They are made up of at least one page to be tested. Optional information includes a description of the test case, the folder it is contained within, the applicable standard, session timeout information, and product information.

The pages to be tested contained within a test case each include a page name and URL, with optional information that may include the scope -- which can either be the whole page or a specific page area (module, screen, widget, section or element), target elements (forms, video, audio, CAPTCHA, Flashing content), and related instructions such as those to be used for signing in to the page to be tested.

Test Cases (or Scenarios) are required to verify the performance of the entire system from the users’ perspective. When creating them, testers need to place themselves in the users’ shoes so that they have clarity on what real-world scenarios the software will have to handle when made public.