Testing Status section

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When you want to get a quick, summarized, high-level view of the progress made in testing a particular page of a test run, you can refer to the Testing Status section of the Checkpoint Tests for Page:<Page Name> screen (testing page "hub" screen). It shows five fields of information that represent the current state of the testing of a particular page under test for a test run. In addition to the display-only status and elements present information, and depending on the testing state of the page, it also provides links for accessing issues logged and items flagged for both automated and manual testing, links to run or rerun automated tests, and a button to add manual testing issues.

Shows three numbered subsections from left to

The section can be thought of as being divided into the following subsections from left to right:

  1. At the left, the date/time the Start Testing button was activated for this page on the Test Run Overview screen is shown, along with the current overall testing completion status of this page.
  2. In the right, Automated, IGT, and Manual status and logged issue links are displayed. Additionally, the Automated tests can be "re-run" by clicking the link provided, and for Manual testing, issues may be added via the button provided. For IGT issues, you can import issues at the same time.
  3. In the bottom row, the elements selected to be validated on the Add Page (Component) dialog that have been found to be present or not present are shown.