Understanding Results and Completion Status

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The Review Checkpoints section of the Checkpoint Tests for Page:<Page Name> screen or the Checkpoint Tests for Component:<Component Name> screen is used to review the test results by checkpoint and testing completion status by checkpoint for an individual page under test that is a part of a test run.

Review Checkpoints section of Checkpoint hub screen for a page under
test showing partial completion with In Progress, and Not Started

Test Results

Test results shown in the Review Checkpoints section indicate that an axe Auditor user marked or "assigned" a result on a particular checkpoint screen by selecting one of the result buttons on that screen. This serves as notice to any other user that for that checkpoint, the page has been tested and either no result was found, it passed or failed the checkpoint test, or the checkpoint test was not applicable.

Important Note: In order to change a checkpoint result (where on an individual checkpoint screen a user previously clicked either the Pass, Fail, or N/A button), the system requires that the checkpoint must first be switched back to 'No Result'. In most cases, issues cannot be added to a checkpoint that already has an assigned result.

Process flow chart diagram depicting Pass, Fail and Not Applicable
checkpoint test results

Completion Status

Checkpoint test result marking buttons that appear at the top of every
checkpoint test

All checkpoints must have a recorded result (via clicking the Pass, Fail or N/A buttons on the individual checkpoint screens) in order for the testing for a test run page to be considered complete. It is only when all checkpoints have a recorded result that manual testing will show a completion status of 'complete' for that page

The same must be accomplished for all pages within a test run for the manual testing portion of a test run to be considered 'complete,' and automatic, IGT, and manual testing must be complete before the entire test run status will change to 'complete' from 'in progress.'

example of a completed test run showing all pages and components
marked complete - which means all checkpoint tests were marked with a
result for

Important Note: On an individual Checkpoint screen, when that checkpoint is marked with a result (either Pass, Fail, or N/A), the user is automatically advanced to the next incomplete checkpoint screen.

example of manual checkpoint navigation tools and number of total

In other words, if the next sequentially numbered checkpoint is already marked with a result, the user is skipped ahead to the next one that does not yet have a marked result.