Viewing Flags

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From the Test Runs screen, you can view flags logged against a Test Run by clicking the # link in the Flags column. Each flag is associated with a particular checkpoint, exists for the purpose of marking for review or follow-up, and may optionally include a reason the checkpoint has been flagged.

To view flags:

  1. On the Test Runs screen, click the # link in the Flags column within the row of the test run you want to view associated flags for.

    Viewing Flag Button

    The Flags for screen appears, showing all flags logged for the selected test run.

  2. Click a Checkpoint column link to access the associated Checkpoint Test screen, where you can then click a button to remove the flag, if desired. flags for screen example

Alternate Path: For test runs with a status of either ‘in progress’ or ‘complete’, you can also view flags associated with them on the 'Flags for' screen by first clicking their associated Actions column button (either Resume or Review respectively) on the Test Runs screen, then clicking the View flagged items or **# items flagged*8 links at the top of the Test Run Overview screen.