Viewing Issue for Test Case Name

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Getting Here: From the 'Issues for...' screen (Issues for <Test Case Name>), which is a screen that lists all logged issues for the accessed test run, the Actions column offers a << (arrow) button within each issue row. These buttons opens a preview box, where you can navigate to the individual 'View Issue...' screen. The 'Issues for...' screen. This screen only offers a summarized view of the issue with only a few key fields of information about the issue, whereas the 'View Issue...' screen allows you to view all of the information that has been logged about the issue.

Clicking the Arrow button in the issues list


Example of the 'View Issue for Test Case'

The View Issue <#> for Test Case: <Test Case Name> screen allows you to:

  • View all issue information: See all available information about the logged issue on a single screen, including identifying information (checkpoint, type, impact, date/time), uploaded screenshots, selector, source code, description, remediation notes, etc.
  • Checkpoint: Activate the checkpoint link to open the checkpoint details page.
  • Send URL to connected browser: Send the URL of the page in which the issue occurs to the connected test browser with the click of a button
  • Highlight selector in connected browser: Click a button to instantly highlight the element in which the issue occurs
  • Edit the issue: Click a button to open the Edit view of the issue information in order to modify the existing content in editable fields (change selections, entries, and screenshots). For more information, see Editing an Issue.
  • Navigate to other issues in the test run: Click links to other View Issue pages in the left sidebar menu to additional numbered View Issue pages for the currently-accessed test run.
  • Add Comment: Optionally, you can add a comment, and activate the Add button.