About axe Auditor User Guide

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Axe Auditor user guide has the following three goals:

  1. The primary goal is to help first-time users understand how to use the product quickly despite the fact that its user interface has been designed to be intuitive to learn without reading documentation or participating in training first.

  2. The secondary goal of this user guide is to serve as an ongoing reference for users who want more detail about performing tasks with the software, particularly those performed less frequently than others.

  3. Lastly, it is meant to provide a source for unique, targeted training materials that may be created to meet the specific needs of your organization's projects.

In support of the aforementioned goals, the purpose of this documentation set can be expanded to address the following user needs:

  • "Just In Time" Info: One purpose of this guide is to answer questions and provide appropriate assistance "at the time of need," since areas of the user interface are intentionally linked to topics herein.
  • Multiple Access Methods: The content in this guide is not only accessible from the application as online help, but it is also provided as a searchable, standalone knowledge base in Deque University, and portions are also provided in smaller, printable PDF quick reference guide documents. Not only is it available in multiple formats, but it is designed to be used with a variety of assistive technologies such as screen readers.
  • Context Sensitivity: All procedures and instructions on how to complete tasks provide introductory contextual information relevant to each possible success scenario, in addition to any prerequisites and/or status information necessary for completion.
  • User Documentation Structure Mirrors Goal-Based UI: The user interface is designed with user goals in mind, and thus, so is this documentation. This is precisely why any user (in any phase) will find what they need fast, whether they are doing planning, doing the actual testing work, or doing custom stakeholder reports.