Adding Issues

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Adding issues found during manual testing to a checkpoint can be done from two different areas of the axe Auditor user interface:

  • Checkpoint Tests for Component or Page "hub" screens: In the Testing Status section, in the Manual testing field, you can click an [Add Issue] button to add an issue to the component (or page) and specify the individual checkpoint test in the Checkpoint drop-down menu on the Add New Issue dialog form.
  • Individual Checkpoint Test screens: At the top, center of any Checkpoint Test screen, just under the screen title heading area and to the left of the result assignment buttons, you can click an [Add Issue] button to launch the Add New Issue modal dialog box form in a new popup window, on which the Checkpoint drop-down menu is prepopulated with the checkpoint for the currently-accessed screen. For complete details, see Adding an Issue (Checkpoint-Specific).

No Result or Fail Since it is presumed that a passing or not applicable checkpoint would not have any associated issue, when either the Pass or N/A result has been assigned to a checkpoint, the Add Issue button is greyed-out and disabled.