Adding a Screenshot to an Issue

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Adding a screenshot to an issue leverages a simple "browse for / upload" process that should be familiar to you. You can upload a maximum of 10 screenshots per issue.

To add a screenshot:

You can add screenshots using either the drag/drop or copy/paste feature, or the upload screenshots feature from your system to the issue for a checkpoint.

  • Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste files: You can copy and paste the screenshots from the clipboard memory, or drag and drop the screenshots from your system to the issue here.

  • Upload Screenshots: To the right of the Screenshot field on the Edit Issue dialog box, activate the Upload Screenshots button.

    Upload Screenshots

    1. The Open dialog box pops up with file management tools for finding and choosing the screen shot image for uploading from a local or network drive.

    2. Locate and select the desired image file from your computer (for example, using Chrome, browse for, then highlight to populate the File name field, then activate the Open button).

      A thumbnail of the image is displayed under the Screenshot field (with an X at the top, right corner for removing), and the Name field is automatically populated with the name of the image file.

  1. Activate the Save button.

    The Edit Issue popup window closes, and you are returned to the Issues for screen. The screen shot remains a part of the issue record (and will be visible upon editing the same issue again).