Archiving Test Cases

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Use the archive feature to remove test cases that are visible on axe Auditor screens. This also removes all associated test runs and issues from the screens.

Caution: Archiving test cases removes test cases from view, including those that have been assigned or are in progress. This essentially serves as a deletion of the records from the user interface of the application, making them inaccessible. Restoration of test case data is only possible by contacting Deque Customer Support.

To archive test cases:

  1. On the Test Cases page, select the test cases using the left column checkboxes, then activate the Archive option available under the Actions drop-down menu at the top of the table display. Archive Button

  2. A confirmation dialog box appears warning you of the implications. Use the dialog box to confirm the number of test cases selected to be archived before archiving them. Archive Dialog Box

  3. Activate Archive to archive the test case, otherwise activate Cancel.

    The test cases are removed from view on the Test Cases page. A message appears briefly in the top, right corner of the screen to confirm successful completion of the archive action.