Archiving a Test Run

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Use the archive feature to remove completed test runs where you no longer need to view the issues contained within that test run.

Caution: Archiving a test run removes its associated issues from view, and can only be restored by contacting Deque Customer Support.

To archive a test run:

  1. Select the checkboxes for the test runs you want to archive.

  2. Activate Archive at the top of the table.

    select archive new

  3. A confirmation dialog box appears warning you of the implications. Use the dialog box to confirm the number of test runs selected to be archived before archiving them.

  4. Activate Archive to archive the test runs, otherwise activate Cancel.

    archive confirm test run

This removes the test runs from view on the Test Runs page. A message appears briefly in the top, right corner of the screen to confirm successful completion of the archive action.