Bulk Importing Common Components and Pages

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You can bulk import common components and pages using a CSV file. To do that, follow the steps in the Add Test Case Details form:

  1. Activate the Upload CSV button on the right side of the form.
  2. Select the CSV file to upload in the dialog box that opens. Once the file is uploaded, you get a message prompt that says "Units uploaded successfully".
    The common components and pages that are added using the CSV appear in the respective panels.
  3. Activate the Next button at the bottom, right of the panel to proceed to the second step panel.

CSV File Details

The following are the fields and values that must be part of the CSV file to be uploaded for bulk importing common components and pages:

Field Usage Description Mandatory
IsComponent Indicates whether the unit being uploaded is a common component or page. Y indicates that it is a common component. N, or an empty cell indicates that the element is a Page. Optional
Name Type a short name for the component or page. Required
URL Enter the Uniform Resource Locator as a fully-qualified domain name of the component or page. Required
Scope This field is applicable only if you have selected the IsComponent element as a Page. Type Page or leave the column empty to specify the scope as an entire page, or Area to specify only a portion of a page. For more information, see the topic on CSS Selector Process. Optional
Selector Enter a CSS selector path which defines the element containing the page area. Note: If the Scope of the page is an entire Page, do not specify the Selector. If you specify the selector in this case, the system ignores the selector. Required
Forms, Video, Audio, CAPTCHA, Flashing content) In these Elements fields, enter Y if you want the elements to be tested. By default, the Forms box is Y. You can enter the elements as N or leave the column empty to not test the elements. These represent elements that could exist on the page that have one or more associated checkpoints. Optional
Instructions Enter any instructions in this field. Optional