Changing Your Password

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The Password screen is used to reset the password for your account when the existing (current) password is known, and you want to change it to a new one. Once in the Account management subsystem of axe Auditor (accessed via the Account option on the top, right avatar drop-down menu), you can then select the Password option from the left sidebar menu to access the Password screen.

Note: It is not possible to use the Password screen to view your current password.

To change your password:

  1. Activate the down arrow (avatar icon drop-down menu) button at the top, right of the axe Auditor application.
  2. Activate the Account option.
  3. From the Edit Account screen, activate the Password option from the left sidebar menu.
  4. On the Password screen, enter your Current password, New password, and Confirm password in the corresponding text entry fields provided.
  5. Activate the Save button.