Checkpoint Tests for Component (or Page)

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The Checkpoint Tests for Component: <Component Name> or Page:<Page Name> screen is a "hub" screen for a single Component or Page under test. It serves as a dashboard of the current state of the accessibility testing for a particular component or page that is a part of the test run. It is comprised of the following sections of information: Checkpoint for Page Info,Exclude Closed Issues checbox, "All Checkpoints" section (top), Testing Status, and Checkpoints Review.

Three distinct sections of the Checkpoint Tests for Page screen as they appear from top to

Screen Sections: As they appear from top to bottom, this screen displays information that is divided into the following distinct sections:

  1. Checkpoint Information: The first section comprises the Checkpoint or the Page information.

    checkpoint info

  2. Exclude Closed Issues: Select this checkbox to exclude the closed issues from the total number of issues,automated issues, IGT issues, and manual issues.

  3. "All Checkpoints" section (top): This section displays overall status of the checkpoints, a link to complete automatic testing if it is not complete, and an option to go to the Test Run Overview page.

  4. Testing Status section: This section comprises the following details:

    • In the right most part of this section, statistical information pertaining to all checkpoint tests for this page is displayed. It features a checkpoint completion progress bar, links to view logged issues and flagged items, a Continue Testing button, and a link to mark all complete.

    • In the top row of this section, the Testing Status, and the Automated, IGT, and Manual status and logged issue links are displayed. Additionally, the Automated tests can be "re-run" by clicking the link provided, and for Manual testing, issues may be added via the button provided. You can also Import Issues using the Import Issues button for automated, IGT, and manual testing.

    • The bottom row of this section comprises of the following information:

      • Elements within Page/Component: The elements selected to be tested on the Add Page dialog that have been found to be present or not present are shown.

      • Test Units Screenshot: The number of screenshots attached to the checkpoints or page is displayed here. You can also manage the screenshots using the Manage Screenshots button.

        Use the Manage Screenshots button to bring up the dialog box where you can copy and paste the screenshots from a clipboard memory, or drag and drop the screenshots, or add the screenshots from your system to Auditor.

        Manage Screenshots

      • Common Components or Component Details: When viewing a Checkpoint Tests screen for a Page, a button is provided that allows you to detect common components on the page under test. When viewing a Checkpoint Tests screen for a Component, the section is labeled Component Details, and the relevant selector is displayed along with a button that allows you to highlight the selector in the test browser.

      • Guided Tool Testing: Tools for targeting specific elements (such as those that pertain to forms) are provided, along with the display of the status of any such tests. These are considered optional.

  5. Review Checkpoints section (bottom): Expanded, collapsible checkpoint links by category subsections display test result counts and completion status, along with links to logged issues and flagged items.