Copying Issues

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You can copy existing issues from one test run to another, or within test runs. You initiate the copy issue by using the drop down or by right clicking on the individual issue(s).

To copy issues:

  1. On the Test Runs screen, select the issues you want to copy and activate the Copy Issues option from the dropdown menu in the Actions column. You can also right click on the individual issue(s) and select the Copy Issues option.

    Copy Issues Dropdown

  2. The Copy Issues dialog box appears with the first screen, Choose Destination.

    Copy Issues Dropdown

    • Select the checkbox, Copy within the current test run, if you want to copy the issues selected within the same test run.

    • In the field, Choose a Test Run, enter the name of the test run from where you want to copy the issues. The names of the test runs display as you type.

      Note: If the test run is not valid, an error message displays under the field. An example error message is "Digital asset type is not compatible with the selected test run."

    • Select the test unit in the test runs to be copied from the dropdown menu in the field, Choose a Test Unit.

    • Select the following checkboxes if you want to copy them along with the issues: Screenshots, Comments, Flags, Source Code, and Status.

    • Activate Next.

  3. In the Manage your Issue Selection screen that displays, the checkpoints and issues are listed along with the errors and warnings under the status column.

    Copy Issues Dropdown

    • If the Copy button is enabled, you can go ahead and copy the issues (checkpoints). You can also expand the checkpoint list, and select the individual test units to be copied from the specific list.

    • Use the Filter By option to filter the checkpoints to be displayed based on the options - All, Errors, and Warnings.

      Copy Issues Dropdown

      Copy Issues Dropdown

      • Remove the checkpoints that you do not want to copy using the Close button under the Remove from Selection column.
    • Activate the Copy button to go to the next screen. The Copy button is enabled only after you have removed all the checkpoints with errors.

  4. In the Copy Confirmation screen, the issues are copied and the confirmation displayed. Use the Go to issues link to go to the copied issues.

  5. Activate Done to return to the Test Runs screen. Copying Issues Complete