Deleting Issues

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As a matter of convenience, axe Auditor offers you with an option on the 'Issues for...' screen that allows you to select two or more issues that have previously been added to checkpoints as part of a particular Test Case, and then remove them all with a "global" button at the top of the table.

** Selecting all Issues**: Using the "select all issues" checkbox at the top, left of the issues table is limited to the current test run only. The multiple issues that are selected as a result of checking the box are only those that have been added to the currently-accessed test run.

To delete multiple issues at once:

  1. On the Issues list screen, select as many checkboxes in the left column of the issues table as desired, then activate the Actions dropdown menu and select the Delete option from the list. Delete option from Actions dropdown menu
  2. On the confirmation prompt popup window, click the Delete Issues button (or Cancel if unsure). Confirmation Before Deleting an Issue
  3. A system response message at the top, right notifies you of success.

The issues are not only removed from the Issues for screen, but also from the individual checkpoint test screen with which they had been associated.