Adding/Removing a Test Unit

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The scope of a test can change while you are in the middle of a test and the pages or components are no longer relevant. Test units (pages or components) can be added or removed from a Test Run.

Adding a Test Unit

A blue button at the top, right of either the Components or Pages panel provides a way to add new to the test run (and optionally, to the associated test case).

The example below uses a Page example for demonstration purposes, but the same basic procedure is also applicable when adding a Component.

To add a new test unit (component or page):

  1. Activate the Add New Page button.
  2. Type a Name for the new page in the field provided.
  3. Type (or paste from virtual clipboard) the URL in the field provided.
  4. Component-Specific: When adding a new Component, populate the additional required Selector field with a name attached to an element on a page which can be used to target that element, which can be either a simple selector such as a class or ID, or a selector path.
  5. Optionally, select a Scope option, check Elements boxes, and enter Instructions.
  6. If desired, check the Also save to test case checkbox.
  7. Activate the Add New Page button at the bottom right of the form dialog.

Deleting a Test Unit

Deleting a Test Unit will:

  1. Remove the issues related to this Test Unit.
  2. Remove the issues from any associated groups.
  3. Test Unit will be removed from the Test Units filter on the issues page.
  4. If any issues found in the test unit are flagged, they are removed from the flag count and the flag count decremented according to the number removed.

To delete a Test Unit:

  1. From the Test Run Overview page select Resume for the test unit you want to edit.

    Clicking the Resume/Review button for the Test Unit on the Test Run Overview screen

  2. Then select Page Info or Component Info.

    Clicking the Page Info button for the selected Test Unit

  3. Activate Edit Page.

    Click the Edit Page button under the Page Info section

  4. Delete a page or a component by activating the Delete link.

    Click the Delete link on the Edit Page model

  5. Select Yes I'm Sure on the Delete Test Unit dialog to confirm deletion.

    Click the Yes I'm Sure button on the Delete Test Unit dialog

  6. The system will provide a confirmation for the deletion.

    Test Run Overview screen with the confirmation for Deletion of
Test Unit