Editing a Page for an In-Progress Test Run

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You can edit the common pages in a test case within a test run for only In-progress test runs. Once the test run is complete, users cannot rename the information any longer.

To edit a page information, follow the given steps:

  1. Navigate to the Checkpoint Test Page for the selected Page. Ensure that this is for an In-Progress Test Run.

    Pages tab on far right selected

  2. Activate the Page Info button to display the Page Details section.

    Pages tab on far right selected

  3. Activate the Edit Page button.

  4. In the Edit Page dialog box, make the required changes.

    Pages tab on far right selected

  5. Save the changes.

The following table lists each field in the Edit Page dialog box in the left column, with a usage description of each in the right column.

Edit Page dialog box - Field Usage Descriptions

Field Usage Description
Name Modify the name. This is typically the page title or the name of a specific area of the page that is short text to uniquely identify what is being targeted for accessibility conformance.
URL Modify the Uniform Resource Locator as a fully-qualified domain name of the page, site, or application to be tested for accessibility.
Scope Modify the Whole page radio button option to target the entire page, or the Page area option to specify only a portion of a page.
Selector When the Page area option is selected, the Selector field appears below the Scope field, which allows you to enter a CSS selector path which defines the element containing the page area. For more information, see CSS Selector Process.
Elements present on page Check all that apply. Uncheck the checked box to deselect it, as desired. This allows you to target or ignore specific types of elements and their associated accessibility rules and checkpoints to limit what is being tested.
Instructions Type any detailed textual instructions that are important for the tester to understand prior to testing the page (for example, specific information required for accessing and/or exposing the page elements to be tested). Note: Select and drag the bottom right corner of the text box to expand it outward when a larger field space is necessary.

Deleting a Page from a Test Case