Filters and Tables

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Several screens in the axe Auditor application display information in filterable, paginated tabular format (Issues, Test Cases, Test Runs, Home Screen, etc.). These tables have "global" features and functionality that are common across multiple screens, including various controls and tools for filtering, sorting, selection, and display. This topic lists each of them, and provides generic instructions for their use.

Example of a table in axe Auditor, with the following 10 features numbered

  1. Filters section drop-down checkbox menus: Clicking the dropdown arrow causes a dropdown menu to appear below, with checkbox options that can be selected to apply a filter and refine the records displayed in the table accordingly. When more than one item is selected in a drop-down menu, when collapsed, the field is labeled with the number of items that are currently selected for the filter (for example, {2 selected}`).
  2. Active Filters section: The filters that are currently applied to refine results displayed in the table section of the screen below. Displays tags for each checkbox selected in the dropdown menus in the FILTERS section above. Click the (X) to close one at a time, or click the Clear all link to remove all of them from the section.
  3. # Rows Selected Display: Displays a numeric value to indicate how many rows are currently selected (checked in left column).
  4. Selection-Specific "Global" Action Button(s): Serves as a "global" command applied against all the table row records that are selected at the time the button is clicked. When applicable, the down arrow to the right of the field label causes other action item links to appear in a drop-down menu list (for example, the down arrow to the right of the Export button label on the 'Issues for...' screen reveals a Delete option which will delete multiple selected issue row records at once).
  5. Row Selection Checkbox Column: The top, left column heading checkbox may be used to select all rows, otherwise, the checkbox in the left column within each row selects only that row.
  6. Sortable Column Headings: When underlined, these may be clicked to toggle (reverse) the sort order, and an up or down arrow to the right of the column label indicates the current alphanumeric sort order.
  7. Show # Records/Screen Buttons: This controls how many record rows are displayed in a table on one screen at a time. When the total number of row records exceeds the selected value, one or more additional "pages" of table(s) will be present and navigable.
  8. Page # of Total Display and Navigation Buttons: The number of records displayed in the current table "page" out of the total available is displayed. Forward and back arrow buttons may be clicked to control the navigation to and from additional "pages" of tabular data when multiple exist.
  9. Total # Records Count Display: The total number of records returned based on the currently-applied filters is shown.

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