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  • Online and In-Application Help: Several forms of help can be accessed from within the user interface of the axe Auditor application.

  • Checkpoint Remediation Help: At the heart of manual accessibility testing with axe Auditor is the Deque Way, with its Checkpoint test remediation guidance that is embedded within the application. For more information, see Individual Checkpoint Test Screens.

  • External Source Reference Help: The Home page always provides handy reference links to valuable help resources on the right sidebar menu that enable you to gain accessibility expertise as you use axe Auditor.

  • User Guide: On-demand online help in Deque University (this documentation set) may always be accessed via the round, question mark (?) icon button the online help icon - a question mark within a circle at the top, right of the header area, or via the Product Documentation link in the Learn About Accessibility right sidebar region of the Home page.

  • Information Icons: In-application help is accessed via the round, blue (i) icon buttons the more information icon - a white letter 'i' against a blue background within a circle , which may appear within a button label, to the right of a field or section throughout the user interface. When clicked, these typically expand a section or cause a popup window to appear that displays instructional text, tips, or additional information.

Help Desk and Technical Support: There are several ways to contact Deque to get help with using axe Auditor.

Related Information: For information about giving help, as opposed to getting help, see the Feedback topic within this section.