Using the Home Page

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Location of the Dashboard screen link on the main horizontal menu bar

The Home screen is the initial start screen of axe Auditor (the first screen displayed after logging in). It primarily serves as a dashboard by displaying important information about Test Runs that have been assigned to you, in which action buttons allow you to start or resume testing. It displays the following main features:

Home screen example with welcome statement and Your Test Runs section

  1. Welcome message: Displays your user name at the top, followed by a brief description of the axe Auditor system when there are no test runs assigned to you.
  2. Issue Search by ID: You can search for any issue based on its ID from the Home page. This saves you time and effort, and you do not have to navigate to a test run to search for the issue.

Screen example for Search by Issue ID 3. Your Test Runs section: When test runs have been assigned to you, this section appears in the main region of the screen. From the Your Test Runs table, you can either start testing a test case, or resume a previously-started test case. 3. Your Test Runs with Flags section: When test runs that have flags have been assigned to you, this section appears in the main region of the screen. You can search using test cases, and assigned users here. You can also view flags for each test run. 4. Pagination Selection: Select from the available values in the Your Test Runs and Your Test Runs with Flags sections to view those number of runs/runs with flags.

Once selected these pagination values are persisted across pages and helps maintain a consistent pagination state when browsing through multiple pages of content, such as test cases, and test runs, helping you easily navigate through the content without losing your pagination preference.
  1. Learn About Accessibility section: Displays handy links along the right sidebar region of the screen to accessibility-related reference materials.