Reordering Components

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After you have added more than one component on the Common Components panel to a new test case, you can change the order in which they appear in the Components Defined section (which also dictates the sequence in which each is tested).

To move a component:

  1. In the Components Defined section table at right, activate the move icon to the right of thecomponent you want to move.

    This is a 'grab' icon with up and down arrows that you might also refer to as a 'move' or 'reorder' button.

    Note - With a keyboard: Tab to the component name link, then right to the delete (x) icon, then to its right the move button.

  2. Drag the component row either up or down as desired to move it until it appears in the desired order, then release the mouse button to drop it there.

    When you hover the grabbed component row over another row, the existing background row will move slightly up or down to visually show you where the grabbed row will be dropped.

    Reordering Components

    Note - With a keyboard: Press the spacebar key, then press the up or down key one or more times until the component appears in the desired position within the list of component rows in the table, then press the spacebar key again to drop it in place.

  3. Activate the Next button to proceed to the Pages panel. Otherwise, you may continue to add components, or activate the Details tab link as desired.