Reordering Pages

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Follow this procedure when you want to change the order in which pages appear sequentially from top to bottom (first to last) in test cases and test runs. This dictates the order in which pages are tested automatically, and also the order in which you progress through checking them manually within a test run. The process involves using a sortable, reorderable handle button that allows you to select a page row in a table, then drag it to a different position within the table, and drop it in a new row so that the vertical list of pages is in the desired order from top to bottom.

To re-order pages:

  1. On the Pages panel of the Edit Test Case: Pages (Step 3 of 3) screen, in the Pages Defined section, activate the move icon to the right of the page you want to move. This is a 'grab' icon with up and down arrows that you might also refer to as a 'move' or 'reorder' button.

    With a keyboard, tab to the page name link, then right to the close icon, then to its right the reorder icon.

    The page row becomes highlighted with a yellow background to indicate it is selected.

  2. Drag the page row either up or down as desired to move the page so that it appears in the desired order, then release the mouse button to drop it there. Reordering Pages

    With a keyboard, press the spacebar key, then press the up or down key one or more times until the page appears in the desired position within the list of pages, then press the spacebar key again to drop the page in the new location within the table.

  3. Activate the Save Test Case button.

    A system response message appears at the top, right corner of the Test Cases screen that reads, 'Test case successfully updated'.