Understanding Roles and Commonly-Performed Procedures By Role

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Quality assurance teams will vary in size by organization and by project size and scope. Smaller teams may have individuals who "wear multiple hats," however, there are likely to be at least two different primary roles as it relates to usage of axe Auditor - those with organizational responsibilities (planning and coordinating testing efforts), and those with testing responsibilities (performing guided manual tests and logging issues identified). Organizations will have different roles and responsibilities pertaining to their unique usage of axe Auditor.

Although the system allows for flexibility to accommodate any role, it was designed with some typical use case scenarios in mind. For example, QA Test Analysts may begin their workflow on the Home screen, and start testing Test Runs that have already been set up for them by a QA or Engagement Manager, who may take responsibility for Test Folder and Test Case setup and assignment of Test Runs. Each will likely find the following procedural topics of highest interest. This documentation set does not provide separate sections devoted to the needs of specific audiences, however, the following table allows you to quickly find topics most likely to be of interest to your role.

Scenario Quick Links: Commonly-Performed Procedures By Role

Leaders (QA Managers, Engagement Managers) Testers (QA Testing Analysts, Functional
Managing User Settings Start Testing a Test Run
Creating a New Folder Resuming a Test Run
Creating a New Test Case Connecting a Browser for Automated Testing
Setting Up a Test Run Preparing a Page (or Component) for Automated and Manual Testing
Reviewing a Completed Test Run Adding an Issue
Changing an Assignment Adding a Screenshot to an Issue
Archiving a Test Run Flagging for Review
Understanding Results and Completion Status Assigning Checkpoint Results
Exporting Issues Rerunning Automated Tests
Generating an Executive Report Marking All Complete