Saving a Test Case as New

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Saving an existing test case as a new test case is an efficient way to re-use previously created test cases. This is essentially "making a copy of a test case." When you only want to make a slight change to an existing test case, yet take advantage of the majority of its information that has already been entered/selected, you can save an existing test case as a new one, make minor changes to it, and save the effort of re-creating much of the information.

Before You Begin: This procedure begins on the Edit Test Case screen. For more information, see Editing a Test Case.

To save a test case as new:

  1. On the Pages panel of the Edit Test Case screen, click the down arrow to the right of the Save button at the bottom of the form. save as new down arrow A dropdown menu expands downward below the button to reveal the Save as New Test Case action option.

  2. Select the Save as New Test Case link option that is revealed in the dropdown menu list below the button.

    A system response message appears at the top, right of the screen that reads, 'Test case successfully created'.

From the Test Cases screen:: Alternately, from the Test Cases screen, you can click the down arrow in the Actions column menu, then select Save as new test case. The New Test Case screen then appears, allowing you to modify existing information and Save. save new test case Caution: The new test case is now stored as an identical copy of the original, until you change something. This can potentially cause confusion, so it is a good idea to change it as desired, including by giving it a new name, right after doing the “save-as”. In the Actions column, select the downarrow menu option > Edit test case to make it unique, then save the changes. For more information, see Editing a Test Case from a Test Run.